the process

How we work: Historical research and community engagement informs our approach to public art.

1. Information and Research
Historical research
Community participation
Engaging local schools
Seeking feedback
Community resources
2. Creative Tools
Graphic design / typography
Digital Creative Apps
Creative landscaping
3. Core Values
A sense of place
Artist Briefs & Idea Generation

We develop creative briefs which focus on sustainability and historical context.


Following client approval of our ideas and initial costs, we present to all stakeholders and Local Authorities.

consultation & Review

Our feedback and review system ensures all artwork remains brief compliant and on budget.

costings & logistics

We keep to and manage your entire artwork budget with fully itemised invoices and monthly billing cycles. We innovate to add value and save money.


All artworks are delivered & installed to a schedule that suits you and your build programme.

“Thanks to the creative input of the children living in the area, the statue and the poem have allowed for the development of a character and an engaging narrative around the 'legend' of Mr. Patch.”

'Mr. Patch' for Persimmon Homes in Broomfield, Essex