DEVeloping a 'sense of place'

How we work with the community

Consulting with the residents and local community is an essential part of our artwork process and help inform the outcomes of the art we produce.
Historical Research
We're artists and designers with qualifications in Historical Arts Research. Our in-depth research into local areas and their histories gives artwork context helps develop 'sense of place'.
Interviews and Surveys
Engaging residents in interviews and surveys gives an opportunity for community members to have an input and helps us discover a richer history of the community we're working in.
Public Presentations
We deliver presentations to residents outlining our concepts for public art and listen carefully to their feedback, allowing communities to have their say and helps drive artwork concepts forward.
Community Involvement
We work with local schools to give the younger generation a chance to have creative input into the artwork. We also prefer to work with local suppliers and manufacturers where possible.
Online surveys

Conversational and engaging online surveys, accessible on any device, and designed to gather public opinion and feedback.

Social Media outreach

Targeted social media outreach campaigns to promote consultation websites and drive traffic to our online surveys.

How we can help housing development companies with community engagement

Working with housing development companies we can use online surveys, social media and create websites to help you inform and engage with the public as part of your consultation process.
Online Surveys
We can use online surveys to ask questions, seek feedback and analyse the data, allowing local residents to quickly and easily share their thoughts and opinions.
Social Outreach
By utilising social media platforms and online community groups we can gather opinion from specific targeted audiences.
The Arternship can develop a small information website pertaining to the proposed artwork and the housing development itself acting as a cental 'information hub' for people to view.
Brochures and Downloads
Should you wish, the Artnership can produce digital or printed brochures and resources which can be distributed in key community buildings or downloaded directly as PDFs.
Data analysis

Analysis of survey data to provides real insight into the public opinion and perspectives on the public art provided by members of the public.

Bespoke websites

We design websites for each public consultation we undertake, which contain our surveys and history of the areas we are working in.

"We recently moved to the area and were delighted when we found the artwork and the walkways. The children love looking at Mr Patch and reading the poem"

Rob Lord - Broomfield Resident